Robust Car Sequencing Problem: Description, models and metrics

Joaquín Bautista-Valhondo


The concept of partial demand uncertainty is introduced from the car sequencing problem (CSP) and incorporates special vehicle fleets in a demand plan. After establishing the working hypotheses with fleets, a mixed integer linear programming model, robust car sequencing problem (r-CSP), is proposed to satisfy the maximum number of CSP restrictions. Subsequently, multi-sequence production and metrics to evaluate its robustness are defined. The r-CSP considers various demand scenarios and functions to measure the excess of optional requirements in production programs. These functions are valid as objectives in optimization problems and as multi-sequence pro-duction robustness metrics.

Keywords: Assembly lines, Sequencing, Car Sequencing Problem, Vehicle Fleets, Robust Optimization, Production Mix, Demand uncertainty.

Palabras clave

Assembly lines; Sequencing; Car Sequencing Problem; Vehicle Fleets; Robust Optimization; Production Mix; Demand uncertainty

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