Análisis de la alineación de las tecnologías de la información y el negocio en empresas de la Comunidad Valenciana

Llanos Cuenca, Juan de Dios Milla, Andrés Boza


Con el fin de generar valor para la organización, los proyectos de tecnología de información (TI) necesitan estar en consonancia con las necesidades de la organización. La gestión y mejora de esta conexión es la alineación de negocio y TI. El objetivo es analizar el grado de alineación en empresas de la Comunidad Valenciana. El análisis se ha llevado a cabo sobre una muestra de veinticuatro empresas bajo los aspectos: valor de TI, comunicación, prioridad de proyectos TI y rendimiento, innovación, fiabilidad y oportunidades de TI en la empresa. Los sectores analizados han sido actividades inmobiliarias, profesionales y administrativas.

Palabras clave
: Valor de TI, Alineación de negocio y tecnología de la información, madurez, sectores empresariales

Business and IT alignment in companies of Valencian Community in Spain

Abstract: In order to create value for the organization, the projects of information technology (IT) need to be in line with the needs of the organization. The management and improvement of this connection is the alignment of business and IT. The aim of this paper is to analyze the degree of alignment in companies of the Valencian community in Spain. The analysis was conducted on a sample of twenty-four companies under the aspects: 1) the value that the company gives the IT: The purpose of these in the company as well as the contribution made and the vision that the company has on them. It will also consider whether the company provides adequate resources to IT. 2) Communication and working relationship between the department and the company, valuing the involvement of executive management with the IT department, frequency of contact between the two departments, the degree of involvement of IT in strategic business of the company and the contribution of executive management in IT planning. Also observe this variable direction communication between the IT department and the company, how is this communication (formal or informal), 3) Knowledge between the company’s business and IT: measuring the knowledge of IT on the business and the knowledge that executive management has on IT projects; It also analyzes whether there are courses or some other method to increase staff knowledge of IT on the business of the company, taking into account this knowledge when hiring IT staff, if the department knows the business objectives, 4) The priority and involvement that gives the company IT projects: measuring whether IT projects are re-flected in business plans. 5) The performance, innovation, reliability and opportunities of IT in the enterprise: to measure as it is considered the company against its competitors technologically if the IT staff is motivated to innovate in the business, if it meets the IT department with targets set by the company or trust that the department has in its ability and utility and to the company. The sectors analyzed are estate, professional and administrative activities. The data obtained in this study shows that SMEs understand IT as a way to increase the productivity of the company and to reduce costs. But, they should also be incorporated as a process, used as a competitive advantage and increase the degree of involvement to improve alignment. Communication between the two areas should be improved in most companies, it can be concluded that it is in the understanding of this paper where the problem lies not achieve the full potential of information technology. There are very few companies that feel that the business area is IT skills, and the same goes the other way. Today, companies must improve the prioritization of technology projects, which is reflected in the business plans of the company. IT meets the objectives, but there are few companies that are considered as technology leaders. Greater involvement, increased communication and greater knowledge could enhance the use of information technology more effectively, improving the alignment between both areas.

Keywords: IT Value, Business and IT alignment, maturity, company sectors

Palabras clave

Valor de TI; Alineación de negocio y tecnología de la información; madurez; sectores empresariales

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