Comparative Analysis of Firms’ Participation in National and International Programmes to Support Innovation

Antonio Hidalgo, José Molero, Inés Granda, José Albors


Innovation is a process that faces several market failure situations. For this reason and for being considered one of the main drivers of economic growth, a large number of governmental and supranational policies are designed to foster technological progress. Along with these policies, there is an increasing concern with their continuous evaluation aiming at providing valuable feedback for these program’s adaptation and adequacy to the firm’s needs. The paper develops an evaluation of the influence of innovation-focused programs in firm´s innovation and economic performance by means of a comparative analysis of the results obtained by Spanish firms that have participated in R&D national programmes and those achieved by Spanish firms participating in EUREKA international program. Findings show that the programmes were effective in achieving their objective of promoting technological innovation but, as regards the economic effects, the results were less conclusive since some differences were observed depending on the programme. The EUREKA companies displayed better behaviour, with positive differences in their returns on assets and labour productivity. The results also confirm the importance of designing more detailed and rigorous evaluation processes, taking into account the risk variable, in order to draw a more realistic picture of the impact of national and international programmes.

Keywords: Innovation, technology policy, technological cooperation, internationalisation, Eureka

Análisis comparativo de la participación de las empresas en programas nacionales e internacionales de apoyo a la innovación

Resumen: El objetivo de este artículo es contribuir al conocimiento del impacto que tiene en las empresas su participación en programas públicos de apoyo a la innovación tecnológica, introduciendo como importante novedad el análisis comparado de los resultados obtenidos por las empresas españolas que han participado en programas de I+D de ámbito nacional (proyectos empresariales de I+D gestionados por el CDTI) frente a las que lo han hecho en programas internacionales (programa EUREKA). Los resultados muestran que ambos programas son eficaces en el logro de su objetivo de promover la innovación tecnológica, pero, en cuanto a sus efectos económicos, los resultados son menos concluyentes.

Palabras clave: Innovación, Política tecnológica, cooperación tecnológica, internacionalización, eureka

Palabras clave

Innovation; technology policy; technological cooperation; internationalisation; Eureka

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