El modelo de negocio como brújula en entornos dinámicos: el caso de Amadeus

Fernando E. García-Muiña, Rocío González-Sánchez, Sonia Medina-Salgado


En el marco de la Teoría de Recursos y Capacidades, el modelo de negocio es una herramienta estratégica de gran utilidad ante el dinamismo del entorno turístico. Por ello, en este trabajo se analiza el uso que Amadeus, uno de los líderes tecnológicos en la intermediación turística, hace de esta herramienta, reconociendo su lógica dominante y ofreciendo una visión holística. Este modelo descansa sobre una fuerte inversión de recursos humanos y tecnológicos que le permite desarrollar capacidades de innovación, relaciones estables con clientes y un fuerte reconocimiento de marca. No obstante, se han detectado aspectos de mejora en el futuro, como en la apropiación de los beneficios.

Palabras clave: modelo de negocio; recursos y capacidades, creación de valor, intermediación turística y Amadeus.

Abstract: Given the dynamic conditions of the tourism environment, the ability of firms to both analyze it and adapt to its evolution is determinant, not only for firm survival but also for creating sustainable competitive advantages and value creation. In addition, the tourism industry has been one of the great forgotten in studying the role of resources and capabilities. Taking into account the assumptions of the Resource Based View, the business model is a useful strategic tool for these objectives. Therefore, we offer a definition for business model and a description of its main dimensions –content, structure and governance mechanisms; in addition, in this paper it is analyzed how Amadeus, a technology leader in the field of tourism intermediation, is facing these changes. Technological innovation distribution became a strategic factor in the tourism sector in general, and airlines in particular. The analysis of these dimensions let us recognize the dominant logic of Amadeus’ model and provide a holistic view of the company, contributing to better understand how the organization works, how resources and core competencies are employed through its entire value chain and, how the company redefines its operations when necessary. It is considered that the business model of Amadeus is virtuous, among other reasons, the complementarity between the different capabilities that make the structure dimension; It rests on a heavy investment in human and technological resources that allows the firm to develop innovation capabilities, stable relationships with customers and strong brand recognition. However, we have detected an issue that will demand special attention in the future: the appropriation of rents; in spite of the positive evolution of its revenues and results, profitability does not show the same trend.

Keywords: business model, resources and capabilities, value creation, tourism intermediation and Amadeus.

Palabras clave

modelo de negocio; recursos y capacidades; creación de valor; intermediación turística y Amadeus

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37610/dyo.v0i54.455

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